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PCI-G-EVB - M-Systems PCI-G-EVB 919U0903400A DiskOnChip PCI-G Evaluation Board Simple Type: Evaluation...

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M-Systems PCI-G-EVB 919U0903400A DiskOnChip PCI-G Evaluation Board Simple Type: Evaluation Board

The DiskOnChip PCI-G Evaluation Board (EVB) provides a quick, easy way to evaluate the DiskOnChip in platforms with a PCI extension slot. The PCI-G EVB is a useful tool for designers who need to evaluate, program, duplicate or test DiskOnChip, even before their target platform is available. Once installed, the DiskOnChip PCI-G EVB can be accessed as an additional disk drive or as a boot device. M-Systems’ DiskOnChip products are high-performance, single-chip flash disks that provide full hard drive emulation for all major operating systems and platforms. This unique product line offers a complete data storage solution for applications in which mechanical hard drives cannot be used, such as embedded systems, Internet access devices, network computers and mobile systems. DiskOnChip provides superior performance through a true 16-bit bus interface, and offers security-enabling and data-protection features.

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  • An independent memory window for each device on-board
  • General DiskOnChip interface connector on both sides of the EVB for more flexibility (only one can be used at a time)
  • Support for 1.8V, 3.3V and 5V VCC core and VCC_I/O
  • Support for the current DiskOnChip product line using the second-floor adapter.
  • Support for the DiskOnChip hardware protection option, including the LOCK# signal
  • Two fixed memory base address are available for the DiskOnChip second-floor adapter (using a jumper)
  • Variable 8-bit or 16-bit operation




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