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20VS2-3 - M-Systems 20VS2-3 Hybrid Isolation Amplifiers 20 Series; Isolation Amplifier (for...

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M-Systems 20VS2-3 Hybrid Isolation Amplifiers 20 Series; Isolation Amplifier (for Narrow Span, Input Isolation) Simple Type: Signal Conditioning

Signal conditioners convert a field signal from various sensors into standard signal suitable for processing in PLC, DCS or PC-based systems. They are also used to boost a signal to increase load drive capability, to isolate a signal to stop ground loops. More than 75000 combinations of process signal I/O, power input and mounting configuration are selectable. Additionally, M-System offers the broadest line of signal splitters available. Isolation amplifiers provide signal and power isolation for data acquisition components to protect them from noises present at remote devices.

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  • Being used for printed wiring board installation
  • Built in surge protectors
  • CE marking
  • Isolating between input and output, input and power
  • Isolation between input and output up to 2000 V AC
  • Power 15 V DC


  • Construction: Hybrid IC
  • Conversion gain: × 0.4 ±1 %
  • DC Power input: Operational voltage range: Rating ±2 %; approx. 10 mA with no load; ripple 2%p-p max
  • Dielectric strength: 2000 V AC @ 1 minute (input or reference voltage source to output or power supply)
  • Frequency characteristics: Approx. 2 Hz -3dB (narrow span input); Approx. 1 kHz -3dB (not narrow span input)
  • Housing material: Flame-resistant resin (black)
  • Insulation resistance: Greater than or equal to 100 M Omega with 500 V DC
  • Isolation: Input or reference voltage source to output or power supply
  • Line voltage effect: ±0.05 % over voltage range
  • Linearity: ±0.05 %
  • Mounting: Soldering to the printed wiring board
  • Operating humidity: 30 to 90 %RH (non-condensing)
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)
  • Response time: Less than or equal to 200 ms (narrow span input); Less than or equal to 450 microseconds (not narrow span input)
  • Temp. coefficient: Offset drift 40 ppm/°C; span drift 80 ppm/°C
  • Weight: 20 g (0.71 oz)



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