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91-TS-003-00 - M-Systems 91-TS-003-00 DiskOnChip GANG Programmer | DiskOnChip GANG Programmer |...

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M-Systems 91-TS-003-00 DiskOnChip GANG Programmer | DiskOnChip GANG Programmer | Universal | Up to 8 DiskOnChip devices in parallel | DIP Interface Simple Type: Gang Programmer

The DiskOnChip GANG Programmer is composed of a Pentium-class, CPU-based host PC and an operating panel. The DiskOnChip GANG Programmer is a standalone GANG programmer that can rapidly duplicate DiskOnChip devices. It is intended for generating mass-production quantities of DiskOnChip-based products. The DiskOnChip GANG Programmer has nine sockets, one for the “master” or “source” DiskOnChip device, and eight for the “target” DiskOnChip devices. The DiskOnChip GANG Programmer implements a sophisticated algorithm for programming all DiskOnChip units in parallel to achieve very high programming rates, which can lower production time and costs. Other DiskOnChip packages, such as TSOP-I, TSOP-II, FBGA, and SODIMM can also be programmed using special adapters.

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  • 1 + 8 sockets for DiskOnChip DIP or DIMM products
  • 144-pin DIMM: Using a DIMM-to-DIP adapter
  • 32-pin DIP: on-board
  • 32-pin TSOP-II: Using a TSOP-II-to-DIP ZIF adapter
  • 48-pin TSOP-I: Using TSOP-I-to-DIP ZIF adapter
  • 69-ball/63-ball FBGA: Using an FBGA-to-DIP ZIF adapter
  • Buttons for controlling GANG operations
  • LCD screen
  • LED indicators


  • CD-ROM: Slim Type
  • CPU: Intel Pentium MMX, 233 MHz
  • Floppy disk: One 3.5" floppy (1.44MB), standard size
  • Operating system: Windows 2000
  • Power supply: 110V/220V (manually selectable)



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